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Majestic Webpages

Fee-$75.00Free Email/Contact Link
Why so cheap? Whats the deal?
I use a free online webhosting service like which I ask that you sign up an account for and I will work under your account. Apon completion of the website site you can change you passcode for your protection. If you do not wish to have pop up banners on your site you can sign up for's plus account which is $5.00 a month.
Why choose me to do your webpage?
I care about your website look and I will give your site a personal touch.
Because I will discuss with you your desired look for your website and do my best to match it up.
How soon can my website be up and running?
Your website can be up and running in 2 weeks if not sooner. For retail stores or a site with LOTS of links may need more time.
Can you add a check out,message board,chat,guestbook ect?
I can add those for you for an added cost of $15.00 each service ordered.
What if I want links on my page?
Each additional link is an extra $15.00 charge.

Pages I have made.